Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful – It’s all Good, I think

I am writing this on Sunday, and will try to post before the end of the day ….I know I have a lot to be thankful for this week.  The simple thankfuls are there, they always are.  The truth is, last week was a mixed bag of lows and highs…I kind of think more lows.

There is one area in my life that I struggle with daily, and then it becomes linked with negative emotions, self-doubt, less confidence and that leads to not feeling positive about anything.   I can do 100 good things; I make one error, one slip up, say or do one stupid thing and the 100 good things gets tossed and mean nothing.

Feeling inferior in one area just sets me up to feel failure everywhere else…

I will start with two things that are linked with one another and because of its sensitivity; I will need to be vague. Please bear with me!

So first off, I am thankful that I recognized a face of discontent that was directed at me, I actually felt uncomfortable.  This leads me to my second thankful; which is, I know what I saw and what I felt. I know eventually I will need to do something about it, but at that moment, I did not flee or hide.  I stood there waiting for a different expression, ( as if I was saying I do not deserve this treatment- yet do what you want – because you can) I did get a different expression and I responded or kept engaged  with this person,  as if nothing happened .  I am thankful that when push comes to shove I can hold back and not show what I feel. 

Enough of that, hopefully the situation will change… that is all I can say for now.

There's nothing worse than a bunch of jaded old farts, and that's a fact.


I posted five great posts on my other blog, SquaareKat BlogSpot. If interested, please go visit.  I posted a poem I wrote, I wrote about the most important 3 weeks in my past.  And about our fifth family member and lastly, I retired, I want to be eight years old again. I am thankful that I had those words in me.

I am writing on SquaareKat for Blogher’s July NaBloPoMo and one day last week, I had two posts that were popular…  Big J

I took this picture with my phone then texted the picture to my husband.

Tomorrow night will be Amelia’s last night of the literacy program that she has been in since the end of June.  Four weeks ago, the student teacher tested her spelling skills and out of 30 words, Amelia spelled six words correctly; as of Friday, Amelia misspelled seven words….now that is success -

I mentioned before, that she perseveres.  Great job … Bigger smile J

No biggie but I lost another ½ of a pound, and was quite relieved to start walking again during lunch on Thursday and Friday. The first half of the week, we had storms hitting our area.

I love Pandora and my earphones. When I walk at lunchtime, that is what is playing, I have it on shuffle, but last week one day I had it on calming meditation music and the next day I had it on Mama Mia’s soundtrack – it was pleasant.

Guess who is visiting:

This is Harry, my sister’s dog.

Poor hubby being attacked by both dogs…each one wants attention... I am so thankful that they actually get along.

I laughed and smiled since Thursday because of these two boys…they are so opposite but each have their own agendas and are so adorable.  I am thankful for making me smile and laugh.

I am so thankful that I allowed myself to take a well-deserved and lengthy Saturday afternoon nap – I don’t sleep much, I am usually up at four or five in the morning and in bed at 11 or later.  I have been doing this for a long time.  Yesterday it all caught up to me, and I took this wonderful nap, both dogs were near me, Teddy sharing the same couch with me, and Harry near me on the floor.  It was heaven.
When I got up, I started making dinner

However, before I knew it, look who made himself comfortable

Last night’s  dinner was BLT’s  ( I used Turkey bacon ),  on the side we had Cole Slaw, Sweet Potato Fries, half sour pickles, salad and I found a blood orange soda in Trader Joe’s,  everything was delicious, the best part was seeing the kids and Nick having fun building their own BLT and enjoying dinner too.

What are your Ten Things of Thankful for the week?

Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Next Stop on the Virtual Blog Tour…is here!

Hello Everyone, I was invited by Susan F from  for the virtual blog tour. Over at ofeverymoment you can read about so many subject, topics/advise and even fiction. Susan has a story that she waits for her word prompts to continue adding to the plot. I cannot wait to read more about Maria and the dubious plant she smuggled out of Mexico; I think I said enough except the plot thickens.  
Both Susan and I participated in the May NaBloPoMo on Blogher; she found me and liked a post, when I went over to visit her blog, I immediately fell in love with ofeverymoment because of her writing and all the beautiful photos of her home state Montana.  Although I never visited the state of Montana, the state holds a special place in my heart because my Nonno; yes the same man that would say Mangia, Mangia…No Talk; was born there.  My great-grandparents emigrated there from Italy. When they arrived at Ellis Island, they heard the word work, and were sent to Montana, where my great-grandfather worked as a coal-miner; sadly, the winters were long and cold and after some years, they returned to Calabria Italy.

The tour participants are asked three questions and here are my questions and my answers

What am I working on?

Currently I am participating in NaBloPoMo challenge for my other blog SquaareKat, along with writing for Mangia, Mangia…No Talk- so my time, thoughts, and brainstorming are in two different places.  Mangia, Mangia No Talk is a food blog and I write and post recipes of the meals or dishes that I cook for family and friends. Each week I also link with several bloggers for the Ten Things of Thankful- created and started by the talented Lizzi R at Considerings Life in Silver Linings;
this is a great exercise for me so that I can recognize the good of the week. Which is so important, each week I go over what occurred for that week; I am always surprised that I can be thankful for ten things, plus some, after the post is written.  On the sidelines, I am always honing something whether it is the writing, learning all about blog world and always trying new recipes – its summer we are eating a bit lighter so I experiment with meals, ingredients and trying to take better care of ourselves.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

MMNT is a food blog – the meals I cook are the same meals that all the women in my family cooked.  We are talking generations- most of them have sparked memories, so I write about and share those memories with my family, sometimes I am so passionate what I am writing about you can feel my exuberance and the success it created at my table – please feel free to browse all of my posts – lastly after 169 days I posted my 100th post.

Why do I write/create what I do?

I am not sure why I do what I do. The only explanation that I think I can come up with is; this need to express myself must be in my genes. if I’m not writing, I am cooking and creating a feast, if I am not cooking I am doing some sort of craft project . I am quite handy with a glue gun, but  I have also dabbled in cross-stitch, and a couple of years ago I taught myself how to crochet….having said all of that I have been writing poetry since I was 5 years old. Like I said before I probably been this way, because everyone around me always did something, I hardly remember anyone doing nothing. 

How does your writing/creating process work?

The quick answer is the theme song from Gilligan’s Island. I was once stumped, because I could not remember the first word to the song …hence, I was not able to start to sing it or finish it.  Hey, I remembered “a three hour tour” but that was it – finally I remembered the first word, and that darn song flowed out quite easily – I have the same theory with my writing, get that first word down, and it will flow easily.  Obviously, it is not that easy –it sometimes takes me hours to have something down on paper and sometimes its quick and easy.  My goal is to write more on the weekends, the early mornings on Saturdays and Sundays, so that I can schedule the posts during the week. That has not happened yet.  The technical writing process is; I write it on MS-Word, read it over several times – have my husband edit the post, then I copy it and paste in blogger draft, add my pictures, and work on final touches.  That is it …. Is that how everyone does it?

My next call of duty is to invite three other bloggers to continue the tour.  – I had already committed to today’s post and did not want to back out of it. The original three I had asked were not able to do it, and it was too late to look for any other participants… so I urge you to check out the side bar under My Blogging Entertainment the many blogs I love – all their writing styles are beautiful and they all share wonderful , beautiful and lyrical writing voices.

I hope you all enjoyed this Blog tour – and please visit all my favorites including

Have a wonderful week!

Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful "In Summer"

“Ah I don’t know why, but I always loved the idea of summer and sun & all things hot!” Olaf from Frozen

Its summer and I am thankful.

I made, what I call summer sauce last Sunday, but it is actually, aka Mimi’s Carrot sauce, it’s so tasty and perfect for meatless Mondays.
I am going to make another batch today, and will write and post the recipe soon.  I am thankful that the sauce was available when I invited my friend Laurie and her son to eat with us…she had  taken my kids swimming, however, I  asked her to have my children home by 6 pm so that we can get my daughter to the library for her reading remediation literacy program.  Then I invited her to stay for dinner, one and a half-pounds of macaroni, a loaf of bread, a salad, and eating outside; in our backyard – it was yummy.

My friend’s son said to me that I am a good cook, and that he enjoyed dinner. Big J

Eating outside in my backyard – thanks to Nick, he found a battery operated water fountain – on sale in Walgreen’s, and now I have all of the elements under the gazebo.  So Feng Shui.

Comments – thank you for all the wonderful comments – have you ever heard of a birthday cake without the candles – comments are the candles to the blog – Thank you,

Being asked to be part of the Blog Tour – my new friend Susan F. over at  invited me (Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!) I am thinking with everyone away, or who couldn't commit to continuing the tour; I will feature my favorite blogs via from my blog list.

Last Thursday I posted the 100th post on Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!

I am thankful to my husband Nick who officially became my blogger’s editor; yes, he edits every single post for MMNT and SquaareKat.  Thank you!

Had another wonderful evening at our beach on Friday night – we had a great time, Deb and Paul, thank you for the drinks  and the peanuts to snack on before dinner- we will be better prepared next time- J

Last night my friend Deb hosted a ladies night out at her house – we ate good food, reconnected with one another, confided, and supported one another. We ate a delicious Greek dinner that was ordered in from a Greek restaurant nearby. I had a wonderful light beer (not light in calories) but crisp pale ale, and we all met her friend, and had a medium and psychic reading; it was fun and a great way to support her friends venture.

Getting to sit with them, laughing, reminiscing, confiding, and patting one another on the back is priceless.  Let me tell you something about us, by any standard of friendships, our relationship with one another is new, 5 to 6 years, but we came together because of one common thread; we all adopted our children from the same program.  Our children all knew each other before we knew them … these families are a great support, but more importantly, we have provided a real relationship for our children – because at one point I am certain they will need to validate their story with one another.

Because truthfully we do that now; or I do that now, with my own sisters and cousins …validate our past. 

That’s it for this week.
Have a wonderful week!

Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!!!


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