Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Is Over

This July I participated in Blogher’s NaBloPoMo on my other Blog SquaareKat.

I wrote a post every day except on Saturday and Sunday.

I am asking you kindly, if you would go and visit SquaareKat.

Read the posts – The theme was DECADE

My intention was to face the past decade, and demand an explanation.

Quietly it revealed to me, my answer.

A non-shameless attempt to get you reading my posts – as someone commented on a post.  What is a writer without a reader; similar to the sound of one hand clapping.

Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!!!

Monday, July 28, 2014



Let’s talk water – is everyone drinking their eight glasses a day?

Do you know the benefits of drinking water?

Drinking water balances the body fluids, can control calories, energize our muscles, and makes our skin look great.

We need to hydrate ourselves – water flushes out toxins, it’s refreshing, and has zero calories.

I've been experimenting with what I call Spa Water.

Cucumber Water and Strawberry Water is a favorite among us at Mangia, Mangia…No Talk.

Fill a pitcher half way with ice, cut or slice a half of English cucumber, squeeze a half of lime add water and  3 or 4 mint leaves cut in half.

Strawberry Water  

Fill ice in a pitcher half way; clean and slice 7 or ten strawberries; depending on the size, you can use more or less, add water and cut in half 3 chocolate mint  leaves.

We have our water filtered therefore I use tap filtered water.

It is so refreshing.

I know I have mentioned to you that I walk at lunch time …my goal is to hit the block with the big hill soon though – during the summer months  here it can be really humid  and that leaves me quite parched  and just deflated.

Although I have my regular water at my desk …after my walks, I have this type of water:

Cocozia Coconut Water 

Chilled, it is, not sweet, tasty and refreshing, it is 100% Organic, it contains Potassium and Magnesium and other Electrolytes that are from a natural source rather than the sugary sports drinks full of calories. 

Non-GMO verified – Gluten Free – Vegan and Kosher

Recently I mentioned this to my husband, to try some after being outside all day tending to the yard and lawn.  He was very skeptical but then loved it.    
We got ours from Amazon and if you are a Prime subscriber, shipping is free.

Remember to drink water it’s is so good for you, do what I do, add the cucumbers, strawberries, drink it straight up or just add a squeeze of lemon – it’s all good. Don't forget, try the Cocozia coconut water too, it is surprisingly tasty.

Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

This Week’s Ten Things of Thankful; is brought to you by the Letter R

This Week’s Ten Things of Thankful; is brought to you by the Letter R, let me explain.

Since the kids were little, in order to help build their language skills, and vocabulary, we always played some sort of game at the dinner table – we stopped because after all; you know they know everything now.

This week while having dinner, James decided that we needed to play a game again, so without missing a beat, he chose a letter and a category and we had to name something pertaining to the category and starting with the chosen letter… I was very surprised that Amelia did very well. We started playing this game since Thursday, played it on Friday, and even though we went out for dinner on Saturday at IHOP that didn't stop us.

IHOP – we went to dinner at IHOP and the kids actually ate breakfast…YAY!  I have mentioned before how hubby and I love breakfast for dinner; both kids have voiced an aversion to this choice – but last night they came around and had breakfast – yay again.

Amelia finished her 200 hour literacy reading program – it was two hours at the library with a student teacher and what I thought was going be a 10 week program turned into a 3 ½ week or 4 week program.  We were getting home, having dinner, and bringing her to the library by 7 pm, for a few weeks. 

Amelia has become very enthusiastic about reading …YAY!

I am thankful that James helped with taking care of both dogs this week – My sister’s dog was with us and James helped walk him and feed him along with doing the same for our Teddy.

I am happy that these two got along with one another 

As my friend, Tammy commented the short and long of it.

In truth, I was not in a very good mood this past week.  I am thankful that I can have quiet moments to myself, and that everyone around me recognizes when I need to be alone.

Having said that, I am thankful that I can watch a corny movie to lift my spirits, without any judgment and interruption, and crochet too. 
Thanks Nicky for doing the food shopping - enough said!

Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!!!


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